Crazy Fat Loss Tips That Actually Work

With the wealth of horrible information that exists on the internet coupled with the “scientific peer reviewed research” that doesn’t actually do or apply to anything in real life, figuring out how to drop a few pounds can seem almost impossible. Here are a few things that actually do work and a short explanation of what you are actually doing to yourself:

-Drink Water… A Whole Lot of Water: at least one ounce for every kilogram of body weight. To find your weight in kilograms, divide your weight in pounds by 2.2. Every chemical reaction in your body takes place in water because it is a universal solvent and about 80% of your body is made of it anyway. The more water available in your body, the more efficiently it’s systems work. Like the systems responsible for mobilizing and oxidizing fat.

-Don’t Diet: Just don’t eat crap. If you are old enough to read this, then you know what crappy food is. Here is a good guideline to follow, if the food you are about to eat wasn’t walking around and moo’ing or wasn’t grown out of the dirt at some point, then it was probably processed to the point of zero nutritional value. “Well, what about bread?” you might ask. Here is the way I look at it: bread is essentially wheat and grains all processed to hell and formed into bread. Go out to a farm, grab a hand full of wheat stalks out of the ground and attempt to eat them. God help you if you actually swallow any because your bowels will go into survival mode to get it out of your body as fast as possible. If your one of those people that need a structured food plan to follow, here you go:

-Eat lean meat with EVERY meal
-Eat vegetables with EVERY meal

That’s about as complicated as it needs to get. Weight will melt off when you make the stitch from double cheeseburgers, potato chips, and “healthy grains” to steak, spinach, oats. “But I don’t like how it tastes” or “Those foods don’t have any flavor.” Well, my response is learn how to cook and stop being a whinny fatty and start being an efficient human being.

Here is a big one:

-Do Cardio in a Fasted State: You can’t burn fat when your insulin is high. Your insulin spikes anytime you eat anything, regardless of the glycemic index. High insulin levels put your body into an anabolic (growth and storage) state in regards to the food you eat. So, when you hop on the hamster wheel and start pudding along, you may have to be on there for double the amount of time in order to activate fat mobilizing mechanisms depending on when you last ate. The calorie counter doesn’t mean anything if you are burning straight glucose (blood sugars that become primary fuel source when insulin is high, it burns up quick and you feel awful when it’s gone). In order to get the most out of your ab shredding cardio, your body needs to be in a catabolic (breaking down) state. Since food makes you anabolic, cardio (with the intent to lose bodyfat) needs to be done at the longest time period between meals. This time is between the end of dinner and the beginning of breakfast.

Guidelines for cardio: 50-60% max heart rate (can be found by subtracting your age from 220) for 20-30mins. If you have read any of my previous posts, you know that jogging will most likely give you bad knees and AIDS. This cardio can be done at a brisk walk on an incline, attached to a heavy sled, carrying a sandbag, flipping/rolling a tire, and/or pushing something. Get creative.

Just a couple quick tips. I guess they aren’t too crazy. I’ll probably make another part to this talking about how different spices affect different enzymatic reactions related to fat loss and also how mustard might be the best ergogenic aid on Earth.

Sprint. Kill. Eat… lots and lots of cows.


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