Mobility Awesomeness

Pretty much everything Kelly Starret puts on youtube and his blog,, is awesome. Every once in a while, his stuff is super awesome. His most recent video definitely falls under the ‘super-awesome’ category: A lot of lifters and athletes have very lousy ankles from years of hard running, jumping, and just the basic demands […]

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Supplements Worth Buying: ZMA

Even though the verdict is still out on whether or not delivers on the whole “Test Booster, Brah!” marketing campaign the supplement companies are pushing; ZMA should be a part every athlete’s (including ones without testicles) nutrition plan. Zinc does some pretty awesome stuff in your body. The most impressive of which is how it […]

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Stop Walking Like a Dumbass

He could probably get it off just fine if he took the lollipop out of his mouth. Take a good look at that picture. Most people look even dumb(er) when they walk. This goes on the list I have of about a billion things parents, teachers, and coaches never bother to mention while we are […]

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