"Solum Per Exitum"

Good information is a tool. Being well informed with good information can help you to build and maintain whatever it is you want out of life in the most optimal, logical way possible. Being well informed with bad information is more like a weapon of mass destruction that keeps detonating in your hands.

The Internet is filled with bad info experts that couldn’t care less about you or what you want to accomplish. They are in the business of sounding just smart enough to confuse you into buying a book or a seat at a seminar. This blog is going to be a wealth of the best FREE information on sports training, strength training, conditioning, performance nutrition, sarcasm about the stupid shit people do, and just generally how to be a badass human being.

I started the death to fitness blog with a desire to help regular people with diet and exercise advice because of all of the crap that is spewed out on TV, in the news, and on the Internet. This blog will basically be a compendium of bad-assery. In no facet of life is there more bullshit than how to train optimally for any kind of sport competition or strength related goal. Here is a brief summary of the next 100 posts or so:

I am working on a ton of stuff for this and am very excited to get some serious information out that will actually help people.

In the meantime, something to think about… “Solum Per Exitum.” This is the attitude you need to have and disposition you need to be in to read this information, understand it, and kick as much ass as possible between right now and the moment AFTER you have worked hard enough to be victorious. You need to be the kind of person to understand there is no quick fix or magic bullet. There is no easy way. The destination is greatness but the journey is a trip through Hell. “Solum Per Exitum” means “The only way out is through.”

Getting some video together, getting some info together… feel free to comment on here or shoot me an email with anything you guys want to discuss in future posts. More soon…

Solum Per Exitum


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