Research That Doesn’t Suck: Protein

No. You are not eating enough protein. Yes. You should eat more. No. A high protein diet is not bad for you.

Just wanted to share some thoughts on a research article I read recently regarding a bunch of Korean bodybuilders that eat, on average, a little over 400g of protein a day. The USDA recommends that most humans should have only .8g of protein per kilogram of bodyweight. The mean weight of the bodybuilders was about 95 kilograms. Since I am American and have no idea what a kilogram is, that comes out to about 209lbs. According to the USDA, basically anything over 75-105g of protein a day will lead to renal failure, peeing out dragons, heroin addiction, unexplained teeth shifting, and whatever other made up conditions they pulled out of their ass.

To sum up the study, these guys are taking in over 4x to 5x the recommended amount of protein per day, are in excellent shape, aren’t pissing out extra protein, aren’t storing extra protein as fat, and don’t have failing kidneys.

The moral of the story? Stop listening to that guy at the gym that tells you eating too much protein caused his spleen to compound rupture on the elliptical machine and start researching so you can make that guy feel like a dumbass the next time he opens his mouth.

Check out the study yourself right here:

Solum Per Exitum.


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