Another Hate WOD

In case you haven’t noticed, I have a couple screws loose. I have accepted this and refuse to seek help. This blog is an outlet for me and I hope after the downfall of society and the destruction of our species, some future alien civilization will dig up these posts and say something to the extent of “It’s probably a good thing none of these people are around anymore.”


Here is an awesome WOD for strong people:

Bent Over Barbell Rows and Tire Flips done for descending reps, starting with 10. So, 10 rows, 10 tire flips. Then 9 rows, 9 tire flips. All the way down to zero. Doesn’t sound too terrible right? Well, here is the kicker:


Use really really heavy stuff. My personal best on this is a 315lb bent over row and a 500lb tire in a shade over 20 minutes. Basically, take a weight that you can get for 5 strict reps, use that, and cheat the hell out of it. Don’t have access to a heavy tire? No big deal, just set up another bar with about 50% to 60% of your best power clean and yank that up instead.

I plan to retest this one at some point but I think I am still messed up from the last time I tried it (like a year ago).


Try it. It sucks and you will be a better person once you are done.




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