A Must Read… Protein and Nutrient Timing

I read a lot of research because I am a big nerd ass. I have not ever come across something as point-blank/correct on nutrition (mostly involving protein… or bro-tein as it is more commonly referred to on the interwebs) timing as this review from the International Society of Sports Nutritionists.


“Whether you are chillin with your bro’s, hangin’ with your bro’s, or liftin’ with your bro’s, 100% Brotein is the cocktail that sets the mood for every bromantic encounter.”

Here is the review: http://www.jissn.com/content/9/1/54

Cliffs: You aren’t eating enough and you aren’t eating at the right times. The high-end of the caloric recommendation in this review puts me at 6500 calories a day (50 cals*130kg of BW) which is the most awesome thing I have ever read in my life.

More good reads:

Creatine: http://www.jissn.com/content/4/1/6

Cliffs: If you aren’t taking creatine, then you don’t really care about whatever it is you are training for. Also, the only side effect, that has been proven by science, is kicking major ass.

A review of EVERY SINGLE SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN SUPPLEMENT: http://www.jissn.com/content/7/1/7

Cliffs:… Hell, this doesn’t matter. Internet PhD Broscientists and internet warriors will dispute this stuff until the end of time. You know who doesn’t waste their time arguing about these things? People too busy kicking ass to care what other people’s OPINIONS are.

Short post. Just wanted to share this stuff with those that don’t frequent this incredibly awesome (and free) resource. Go read this stuff, get informed, and crush your enemies. Don’t waste your time and energy on stuff that sounds cool… yea, Jak3d did sound pretty cool.

Solum Per Exitum. The path is paved by all the Bro’s that traveled before you… so, turn around and go do the total opposite of whatever they did.


6 thoughts on “A Must Read… Protein and Nutrient Timing

  1. Thanks. The analysis of eca and chromium in particular were a pleasant surprise. Scientific research meta-analysis revealing truth that the FDA and supplement companies will fight tooth and nail…who knew.

    1. Yes Jen! It is alive and well! I am just horrible and getting things posted on here. Plus, I have been beating my head against my keyboard trying to get some more features… or widgets?… or whatever the hell they are called set up on here.

      I should have at least one new post up today. If I don’t, you can hunt me down and beat me up.

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