Training Mixtape Vol. 1

Not the typical bullshattery I post about on here, but people ask me a host of questions about the music I have blasting in training videos. Usually, the questions are something to the extent of “That’s badass music. Who is it?” or “What’s that track? I like how it distracts me from your awful lifting and worse looking face” or “I hate you to your very core and hope you die in a fire. But, sweet jams! Who you listening too, bro?” So, here are a couple of more recent additions to my (and hopefully soon, your) training mixtape:

Hank III: Fiendish Threats (2013)

Now, if you are anything like me, you grew up on a 12 acre horse farm and the only music you had access to was Johnny Cash, Jerry Reed, Wayne “The Train” Hancock, and, my personal childhood favorite, Hank Williams Sr. A lot of people think that Elvis was the “King of Rock and Roll.” Well, a lot of people are classless. Good ole Hank was tearing shit up with his acoustic guitar before the “pseudo-King” tasted his first pork chop. I still listen to Hank Sr. every now and then. “Rambling Man” is still the most badass song I have ever heard.

Honestly, and this is going to revoke my hillbilly card, I never was a huge fan of Hank Williams Jr. Some of his stuff is pretty rocking, but it always seemed like to me that he was trying too hard to make it look like he has an attitude problem without actually having anything to have an attitude about. So, following early childhood, after I heard every song Hank Sr. ever wrote, I progressed to where every kid did from that point: Hardcore, Thrash, Punk, and Heavy Metal Music. These genres carried me through college, but I always found myself putting some Hank back in the cd player. I remember the day I heard about Hank Williams III making music. I wasn’t expecting too much because of my disappointment in his dads music (Hank Jr.). I found the album “Broke, Lovesick, and Driftin” at a local music store in 2003. Bought it, took it back to my dorm room, and gave it a listen. After about an hour and a half of listening to Hank III scream about cheating women, his pill/cocaine/heroin/alcohol addictions, how much popular country music sucks, how much CMT sucks, how much everything but drinking and playing fast music sucks, I was hooked.

I attended a smaller division III school in Maryland and wasn’t exactly a social butterfly when it came to on-campus events. Mostly because I hate college kids. Still though, I would check the “social” calendar to see if anything cool was going on month to month. Well, in 2004, imagine my pants exploding surprise when I saw Hank III was playing right in one of our small  on-campus auditoriums. That is still the best concert I have EVER been too. And it was free with my student ID. They have to still be cleaning the spilled whisky out of the floor of that place. The highlight of the show was when Hanks side project punk band “AssJack” came on stage. The singer for that band took his pants off mid show, refused to put them back on, and was apparently too drunk to actually sing the lyrics to the songs. So, he just kept sarcastically  screaming “It’s a big scary world out there, so I’m going to go to colllleeeeggggeeeee.”

Fast-forward to 2013. Hank III’s newest album, “Fiendish Threats” reminds me of that scene in “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story” where John C. Reily started doing cocaine and couldn’t play the his music fast enough.

With that in mind, here is some live footage of this insanity:


I have to thank Hank III for my discovering of Psyopus. They were the opening act for that concert I mentioned I went to in college. Just keep in mind, that concert started around 4pm so this was playing while kids were walking too and from their business classes:

Anything by “Omega Massif”

Omega Massif is apparently German for “heaviest instrumental melodic band on Earth.” I actually stumbled across these guys a couple years ago on youtube and had to hear more. At that time they only had one album available… just not in the USA. So, after a frantic google search, I found a CD store in California (about 3,070 miles from where I live) and ordered it over the phone. When that CD came, my mind was completely blown at what I heard. If the word intense had a soundtrack, this would be it:

Whatever the hell the new Korn album is called:

I was a little hesitant with this one. Mostly because I am not and angst ridden 12 year old or a juggalo. I wanted to give this a listen anyway because “Life is Peachy” was pretty awesome when I was in middle school and it was the only Korn album I ever owned. The dubstep Korn is cool, I guess. The only song I think I can listen to more than once is “Love & Meth.” It’s heavy. My main problem with Korn is that they never got heavy enough for long enough. Too much singing about feelings and not dropping beats about feelings. Anyway, this is pretty rocking, but the rest of the album is pretty lame:

Middle Class Rut: Aunt Betty (2013):

I am a huge Helmet fan. The problem is, Helmet hasn’t made any music in a while. So, I am now a huge fan of Middle Class Rut:

Watch The Duck: Poppin’ Off:

Ok. This one is a little different than the other ones. I don’t care. Something about this song is badass:

There you go. Hopefully, someone found something new or cool out of this little list. Honestly though, you should be able to train in complete silence and still make gains and progress. But, life in general is better with loud ass music.

Sprint. Kill. Eat. Hear That Lonesome Whippoorwill, It Sounds Too Blue To Fly.

(Didn’t proof read this because I don’t really care how non-training related posts turn out).


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