Going Mental

I have been asked about this a lot lately. I didn’t think I had too much of a different outlook compared to other competitive athletes but it looks like I have ventured pretty far off the reservation when it comes to my mental approach to training and life in general. I knew I had to […]

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My Adductors are Jerks

I have been dealing with something I like to call a glitch in the Goolie Matrix. In other words, my funk box is all yoked up. I have been dealing with (self diagnosed) adductor tendinopathy for the last couple months. This begun when I increased my frequency (3x a week) and intensity (near death weights everyday) on squats. It’s a bitch and it is taking forever to heal. I have spent this time reading everything I can possibly get my hands on in regards to the treatment and prevention of this issue.


This post is just sharing with all you meatheads a cool little mobility drill I have been doing to help rectify these issues:



Sorry about my stupid face. Let me know what you think about this one. It’s brutal, but it gets in there.

Solum Per Exitum… the goolie.

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