WTF Fitness Friday: A Meme For Morons

There is a storm on the horizon. The typical streaks of orange and pink that signify the twilight of a day are cut with the greys and blacks of an atmospheric tempest on its way. Before you can react, natures warning call of thunder in your ears and vibrations through your feet let you know that it is too late. The storm is upon you and now you just have to wait out the onslaught of pressure changes and the electric war between positive and negative charges.


Did anyone else want Bill Paxton to yell, "Game over, man. Game over!" in Twister?
Did anyone else want Bill Paxton to yell, “Game over, man. Game over!” in Twister?


Paints a pretty picture doesn’t it? I equate this feeling to some not so pretty pictures:

Dumbass “fitness” memes all over the internet. There is nothing you can do. They are always there. Waiting for you. There is not escape. The same stupid recycled one liners are about as common as the lack of results the people that create/post them get from their recreational fitness training. Don’t get me wrong, some are original, funny, and sometimes even thought provoking. Here is one in particular that makes me want to take a flamethrower to every Planet Fitness within in screaming distance:


Nothing says I am proud of myself like being a terrible human being.
Nothing says “I am proud of myself” quite like being a terrible human being.

Seems harmless enough, right? In case there is some misunderstanding, this is implying that real men should not be attracted to skinny women because of two separate variables:

1. Skinny women are not real women

2. Men that like skinny women are not real men

So, this meme is trying to convey the point that women with “curves” deserve respect and the attention of real men by completely bashing and demoralizing skinny women and the men that are attracted to them. Odds are, this meme was originally created by a larger woman. A woman that was probably tired of being categorized as “curvy” or “voluptuous” or maybe even “fat.” The solution to this mass discrimination, for the creator of this meme, was to completely discriminate against two other groups of people based on how they look and what they prefer to look at? That makes sense.

Before you post this dumbass meme again, here is some food for thought: that exact same glandular/thyroid problem many “curvy” women blame for not being able to lose weight or get in better shape can affect people in the exact opposite way as well. Overactive glandular issues/thyroid issues can make it almost impossible for some people to gain weight. For the same amount of people that have those hereditary or environmental induced “curvy” glandular/thyroid problems, there is the same number of people that suffer from “skinny” glandular/thyroid problems. Not only does this meme put down a women with a certain body type and men who prefer that body type, it also puts down everyone on earth that suffers from any glandular, hormonal, or growth disorder. I am typically all for being pissed off at stuff, but this is a lot of hate for a whole lot of people for really no particular reason. In other words, posting this makes you Thyroid Hitler.

Next time you get upset and want to post this stupid meme, just post the t-rex making his bed meme. That’s hilarious.

Sprint. Kill. Eat. Don’t be a Dumbass.




2 thoughts on “WTF Fitness Friday: A Meme For Morons

  1. If you wanna see some shit, try these – Exactly what it sounds like: collections of the stuff this post is made of. Fat logic memes and FB posts and whatnot – Stories about horrible people plagued with fat logic, who are also horrible people. Lots of series. – Follows the insane ravings of the Tumblrinas. Not limited to fatlogic (although there is a healthy dose). Includes a whole slew of social justice warriors fighting for the ultimate in equality.

  2. This is true. And I dont think we’ve hit the full force of this storm yet.

    Also according to the internet, approximately every female with an aesthetic ass, achieved said ass by performing squats. I’m not saying that they are lying and that they have never “squatted”, I’m just saying that their ass probably looked about the same before they did their two sessions of squatting and decided to take a picture of it and post it on the internet alongside some statement about squatting and badassery.

    As a side note, I squat 3x each week and nobody wants to see my ass including me.

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