Now Proudly Sponsored by…

Panthera Training Systems

Now, I have been extremely hesitant in the past to attach my name to possible sponsorship opportunities. I can event describe my excitement when Lee from PTS asked me to come onboard. Even thought the company and the site are in its early stages, the quality of information already available is top notch. Also, along with representing Team PTS at my competitions, I will also be joining the staff of online coaches. This is something I have never really been interested in doing due to the fact that most online coaching is just you paying for some cookie cutter program with zero outside assistance from your “coach.” PTS is giving me the freedom to do, basically, whatever I want with my online clients. Being able to offer services that include 24 hour email access, video analysis, actual real life phone calls, and a constantly evolving training programs is extremely exciting. I’ll update with more info as it becomes available but in the meantime, check out the site. It has a lot to offer anyone serious about training.

Solum Per Extium.


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