Sports Hernia: When Your Child Bearing Hips Start Killing Themselves

I haven’t really been active on here in a while. Real life has been getting in the way and, honestly, I have been a little down the last couple months. Starting back in December, I started noticing some weird pain in my hips. Mostly in my adductors with pain radiating as far down as my knees. Being a completely dumbass meathead, I ignored it. Right after this issue started setting in, I switched from the Westside Barbell style training program to a DUP training program handcrafted by the man himself, Dr. Mike Zourdos. So far, I love it. My bench has been climbing (even though I am at a lower bodyweight) and I really enjoy the higher frequency of deadlifting. Anyway, after plugging away at squats for several months, my max went from around 630 to right around 700. All the while, my hips were killing me. Somehow, I still managed a 635lb squat at the Pro Raw Challenge at the Arnold this past march (2014). Sitting here now (September 17th, 2014) I have still yet to do a heavy squat since the Arnold.


I finally got my junk box examined a couple months ago. After extensive testing (that had to rule out an inguinal hernia, labral tears, colonies of poisonous insects, something wrong with my pubic synthesis) it was discovered that I have a sports hernia. Basically, in the hole of my squats, everytime I would develop the force to reverse the bar, tiny avulsion fractures where happening at the origin of most of my hip adductors. In other words, my muscles were contracting so hard that it was pulling small pieces of hip bone away from my baby maker. Of course, me being a psychopath, my initial reaction to the news was:  “That’s awesome.” With no real surgery or treatment to fix this issue, I just have to wait for it to heal on its own. Which, suckingly enough, is 6 to 12 months depending on the damage. I am sitting here at 7 months from my last heavy squat and it is definitely getting better. I did squats a week ago for 5 sets of 5 with 250lbs and no pain. This is a huge improvement because walking was killing me initially.


Benching and deadlifting have still been alright and I have been making steady progress on both. I have the USAPL Push Pull Nationals this weekend and should hit PRs on both and win the whole thing. I guess that’s moving in the right direction. Once the meet is over, I plan on really pushing jumps, sprints, and will continue working up in squats. Once I can hit 315 for 5 sets of 5, I will start pushing heavier singles again. I plan on doing the USAPL American Open in December and my goal there is a 500lb squat. Which is pretty demoralizing for me but its a hell of a lot better than feeling pain when trying to logistics of sitting on a toilet.


I actually like getting hurt every few years. Everytime it happens, I come back stronger. I can chalk this up as career ending injury number 5 or so.



More updates soon. Suck it gravity.



Solum Per Exitum.




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