2014 USPAL Push Pull/Deadlift Nationals Write-Up

Upon entering Fort Lauderdale, I fully expected Snake Pliskon to come around a corner, look at me with his good eye, and shoot me in the face. In case you didn’t get that joke, I am saying that the whole entirety of Florida, in my experience, looks like the world ended hundreds of years ago and the last bastion of humanity just kinda half ass threw a bunch of buildings together on a beach.

Anyway, I got into town around 330 in the afternoon. After a trillion dollar cab ride, the terrible mood I was in was subdued by how awesome the meet hotel was. The Renaissance- Plantation had everything I could have ever wanted in a hotel. Makers Mark in the bar, steak on the lunch menu, and a thermostat in the room that went down to 40 degrees.  After taking it easy the rest of the day, I finally got the chance to meet Lee from Panthera Training Systems as he dropped off my team t shirt at the hotel. The guy has been out of town for three weeks and basically came to drop off my shirt immediately after he got off his plane. We got to talk a little bit and it made me even more excited to be representing PTS. After that interaction, I went to bed early and slept in late.


I got to the meet venue, Nova Southwestern University, a little before the weigh in. The campus was beautiful and the area where the meet was held was perfect. I spent most of the down time hanging out with my girlfriend, joking around with Arian Khamesi about a bunch of horrible things and talking strength and conditioning stuff with Bryan Dermondy… who is a freakshow.


Weighed in at 253lbs and was feeling pretty good during warm-ups. Had a couple little hiccups during the meet but, all in all, did pretty good.

Bench Press:


1st Attempt- 386lbs- Crushed it. Felt super light.

2nd Attempt- What was supposed to be 413lbs actually ended up being 440. I didn’t notice till after I unracked it and pressed it about half way back up. After a few moments of thinking “How did I get so weak in the last 10 minutes,” I counted up the plates and realized the error. I got to go for 413 after the flight was over and absolutely crushed it for a 5lb PR at this bodyweight.

3rd Attempt- 425 was a no lift. I got really loose off when I started the press and almost sent the bar into my knees. I wish I could blame the misload, but I cant. I just sucked. It felt good in my hands. After how easy the first two attempts were, I see no reason why this wont be a second attempt at my next meet.




1st Attempt- 699lbs went into orbit and discovered life on other planets light years away from Earth.

2nd Attempt- 755lbs. Went really fast off the floor, got a little forward right at my knees, recovered enough to blast it to the lockout. Good lift.

3rd Attempt- Missed 782lbs. Was feeling good and thought I had this. Right before I went to pull, my head got a little out of it. I don’t know, maybe I was just getting tired. As soon as the bar was in my hands and I pulled the slack out of the bar, my brain just said: “Shit. This is heavy.”


I missed my goal of a 1200+ total but still managed 1168. That won my division for both Push Pull and Deadlift only. I also, somehow, lifted enough to win Best Male Lifter. Or, as the ridiculous large and heavy trophy says: “Champion of Champions.”


All in all is was a great meet. I left a little unsatisfied with my performance but that happens every meet. I think when you start being happy with how you perform, its time to quit. So, I am sitting here now, planning my training for the American Open in December and anxiously awaiting another invite (hopefully) to the Pro Deadlift at the Arnold. That’s by far my favorite competition.


Things to work on:

-Mid Range Deadlift work. I need to get back into jumping, sprinting, and RDLs. These are usually staples in my program that directly carryover to my pull but I have been neglecting due to my hip injury.

-Grip work. I just want to see the bar turn red hot and start melting between my fingers.

-Squats- I am still about 4-5 months out from the end of my recovery time for my hip but I need to get some more work done on squats. My goal for the Open is a 500lb squat. Its a pretty demoralizing drop from the high 600s low 700s but I’ve got to restart somewhere.


I don’t see any reason why I wont be near or right at an 800lb raw pull at a body weight of 250-260 for the Open.


Solum Per Exitum. Its Tuesday. I competed on Sunday. I’ve already trained twice wince the meet.



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