First actual blog post? Don’t worry. I don’t consider my beard ironic yet.

I am a weirdo. I realize that more and more everyday. I am ok with this. But, I am also realizing more and more that writing is a good outlet for being/perpetually falling deeper into weirdness. So, I am going to start posting some random thought blogs on here. Everything is still going to revolve around training because, well, that’s where I put the majority of my creative energies.


Anyway, this post will probably be pretty tame because I have mostly been thinking about my bench press training for the next few months. Since my next big competition will be the Pro Deadlift at the Arnold Sports Festival, I can take a little time to actually focus on looking like I actually lift. Tentative outline for the next couple weeks:


Mondays: Warm-up with complexes and just general moving around.

  • Warm-up- DB Bench for 100 reps/Lat work for 100 reps with moderate weight
  • Main Bench work: Just going to do a regular old 5×5 program. I am starting with 70% and 45s rest intervals. I really want to build some work capacity over the next few weeks.
  • Close Grip Bench work: This will be for 4-5 sets of 8 to 15 around an RPE of 8 for every set. I also want to throw in some plus sets once a week at varying weights.
  • Heavy Tricep Extension: Going to stick with different variations of JM presses at 4-5 sets of 3-8 reps. I’ll shoot for a new rep max pretty much every week here.
  • Pull-ups: Because pull-ups
  • Tri/Bi isolation stuff
  • Band Circuit of Tri extensions, bicep curls, and a million other little stupid exercises for at least 1,000 reps… I’m serious

Wednesdays: Same warm-ups

  • Warm-up- Move up in weight on the presses and go for 50 total reps
  • Main Bench- Work in a range of 80-90% for a lower volume of reps
  • 2nd Bench- Dead Stop presses from my chest. Basically unrack, set the bar on the pins, totally relax for 6+ seconds, reset everything, and push really hard. 3×3 with some heavier weights should be plenty here. These wreck my shit so I don’t want to overdo it
  • CAT Incline Bench- 4-5 sets of 3-5 wth lighter weights for max force. Plus, I suck at incline so this is more of a transition while I work into heavier incline bench weights.
  • Strict Overhead Press Variation- I suck at these too. I am going to alternate between Bradford Presses and Klokov presses… when can I get a press named after me? I am going to start calling a Hedlesky Press every failed attempt I do from now on. 5 sets of at least 10.
  • Bunch of stupid shoulder work. Lat raises, rear delt crap, etc.
  • More curls? Sure, why not?

Fridays: Same

  • Warm-up- Some kind of explosive something or other. Plyo push ups? Sounds good!
  • Main bench: going to stay in the 85%+ range here for lower volumes.
  • Do a bunch of stupid chest work.
  • Do stupid heavy bent over rows.
  • Buy some stringers

Thats the gist of it for now. I plan on sticking with this for about a month because I dont think I can handle it for too much longer than that without compound rupturing a pec out of my body.


Sprint. Kill. Eat… I really need to eat.



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