3 Big Novice Mistakes

I hate myself for making such a buzzfeed, click bait style title. At least I didn’t use “3 Things Everyone Does Wrong… And You Won’t Believe What Happens Next” or “Have You Done This? If So, Click Here and Brace Yourself.” 1. Not Competing Soon Enough or Often Enough. I’ll never understand why competing gets […]

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Stop Validating Why You Suck

A relatively recent trend among the internet only division of recreational free weight resistance training enthusiasts (I use these terms instead of “powerlifters” and “bodybuilders” because if you haven’t competed in either, you aren’t a “powerlifter” or a “bodybuilder”) is really pissing me off.¬†This trend… this paradigm that’s infecting more and more people everyday¬†is the […]

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Stupid Bench Press Cues

I hate the bench press. It takes forever to see any kind of significant gain. I have always had a hard time gaining weight and putting on (non-fat bastard, actual functional mass) size. This makes any and all typical “hypertrophy” and “bodybuilding” almost a total waste of time for me. Couple this with being 6’2” […]

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