Fatigue Accumulated | 11.5 Weeks out From The Arnold Sports Festival

Just finished up a 5 week Accumulation block. I actually kept calling it a “super accumulation” block because the weekly volume was at a level where it passed “irresponsible” and was flirting with “cry for help/vaguely suicidal.” I got it all down though. The only couple little set back I had was getting bronchitis and strep throat at the same time in the first few weeks and then acquiring some kind of stomach bug for a few days that has been throwing my body weight all over the place.

Finally 100% and actually feeling pretty happy with the way the last block ended. Just as an example of some of the progress, here is how my hypertrophy squats went from week to week:

Week 1: 465lbs for 4 sets of 8. I almost quit like 5 times and was just generally feeling out of shape. Turns out, this was in the initial stages of that bronchitis I mentioned already. Its hard to catch your breath when a waterfall of snot it trying to pressure wash the inside of your lungs.

Week 2: 475 x4x8. Felt just as bad.

Week 3: 480x4x8. Actually didnt feel too bad. I’d put it at an RPE of 8 for the whole thing.

Week 4: 485x4x8. Back to feeling like someone beat my legs with a pillow case full of door knobs.

Week 5: 495x4x7. Smoked all of these.


On my last testing/volume deload day, I ended up squatting 550 for a pretty easy 5. So, everything is progressing pretty well. I am very excited to see what I can do after some training geared towards actual strength development.


More soon.


Sprint. Kill. Eat the volume pain away.


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